Vogue Italia

Project with: @institute_of_digital_fashion
Client: @vogueitalia
Role: 360 Digital Artist
Year: 2022

Who will you love in the metaverse?

This unique partnership between @vogueitalia and IoDF challenges emotional connectivity between digital avatars. This is a story of queer love and fertility merging together in IRL and URL.

In the latest issue of @vogueitalia , IoDF celebrates Pride by making a pathway for our digital future that is full of acceptance and inclusivity. A future that would allow us to explore diverse identities and learn from the embodied digital experiences of your virtual avatar.

Two digital assets in a love story That is a metaphorical birth to inspire a re-imagining of our sense of identity. These new avatars are modeled after our Co-Founders @leanneelliottyoung and @cattytay which portray a pregnant woman and a non-binary person as we push to shift the conversation on queer representation within the wider context of the metaverse and fashion industry.

Created as part of our long standing collaboration with @insta_daz3d @maketafi
Thank you @chiaranonino
Big up our team @filipacombo

Is there anyone you would give your last breath to?

What does it mean to fall in love within the metaverse? Is url love eternal? Does queerness mean the same in this space? Is queerness even a prospect?
Will digital identities give birth within the metaverse?
Would it be eternal or would it lead, in the end, to a birth? Does one ever die in the metaverse?

In this editorial love story - Digital avatars of our Co-Founders @leanneelliottyoung and @cattytay question what queer love means in the metaverse for the recent issue of @vogueitalia

Our online experiences can have great influence on our analogue self, giving emphasis to the need for greater representation in the new virtual worlds of today. This creates an opportunity to emancipate concepts of identity and love from heteronormative structures of the past.

Love irl x url and identity are all in question in today’s times, and our futures, let’s discuss.

The editorial poses are inspired by art history — e.g. perforce work Breathing in – Breathing Out (1977) by @abramovicinstitute that pushes the artist’s bodies to the limit in an act of extreme intimacy, calling into question the possible destructive and competitive nature of intense love.

IoDF for Vogue Italia, 2022