Older Projects

A designer’s way to madness

Year: 2020

Three posters about my view on what a designer needs to be a “good” designer were asked to be created — each poster needed to come from one word, one characteristic.

All posters contain work from Junji Ito and Shintaro Kago.

A person who calls themselves a designer is, in their fullness, an ordinary person, with their peculiarities, values, norms and conceptions. This project explores just that — the various dimensions of the designer as conscious being and their respective interdependencies:

1. the designer's relationship with themselves,
2. the designer's relationship with their work,
3. the designer's relationship with third parties.


Project made with:
Year: 2020

ÆPER is an online clothing brand, fusing electric visuals with digital fashion to bring you a full range capsule collection, existent exclusively in yearly 24-hour web parties. Owned and represented by three virtual beings - Chlo, Kyye and Stella - each performing live on the day of the event.

ÆPER 01, is the brand's first party, offering you fashion, escape room beats and stunning visuals. Join the party!


Year: 2021

Menstrual blood under the microscope

Year: 2020

The project started with a briefing that challenged to make a composition out of one unlikely material/object. I chose menstruation blood and to be able to work with it, I took the project to a microscope.

I was expecting to see something much more underwhelming and was mesmerized with the massive amount of textures and colors in just a small millimeter. I was a beautiful and intimate moment between myself and my body.

Photos were taken through the microscope lenses and were later used to create a poster and an informative zine about PMDD.

All the graphics in this project were made from the photos taken to the menstrual blood through the microscope lenses.


Project made with: , @alougraphic and Luís Lopes
Year: 2019

Orpheus was a hero of greek mythology who was supposed to possess superhuman musical skills. With his legendary lyre, he was said to be able to make even the rocks and trees dance around. With them, ORPHIC dances in a crystalized chaos. ORPHIC is a mess in vitro, merging different ecosystems in a controlled experimental environment.

ORPHIC is a fictional special edition of the Whole Earth Catalog.

IoDF Augmented Reality Glasses

Project with: @institute_digital_fashion
Year: 2021