Calvin Klein

Client: @calvinklein
Project with: @institute_digital_fashion
This project had the participation of multiple people within the team.
Role: Artwork Planification
Year: 2021


Coinciding with @calvinklein’s latest campaign celebrating defining moments in the queer and trans journey, @calvinklein invited four queer icons to creatively express their defying moment in the form of a mural within their home town.

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion

@naqvi_sarah : Amsterdam
@tanaka.fuego : London
@ladydangfua : Berlin
@tomboysdontcry : Milan

IoDF curated the project with @calvinklein, spotlighting the 4 queer icons, working in symbiosis to realise their final mural designs, champioining their moments.

Sarah Naqvi, Artist (she/they)
‘Etymologies of Erasure’ in Amsterdam (Hazenstraat)

Living between Mumbai and Amsterdam, Sarah Naqvi is a contemporary artist whose work covers themes such as gender, sexuality, race, religion and body positivity. Naqvi’s mural represents an imaginary landscape with characters reflecting queer ecologies and erased histories that are essential for queer people and their empowerment. The multidisciplinary mural is a collage of textures, scans, hand-painting and green screens.

- Excerpt from the Screenshot article “Calvin Klein’s ‘Murals of Pride’ celebrates defining moments in the queer and trans journey”

In that rare conversation with my family about queerness, in explaining to them in the sweetest of words what it meant, in that moment I saw myself also redefining the terms of my own existence for the first time.

Excerpt from @naqvi_sarah

An important part of our work at IoDF is to push for change for marginalised communities, advocating for a more inclusive and diverse future for all. Supporting Calvin Klein in the curation of this queer space, for our queer community during Pride is a pivotal moment for IoDF, allowing us to showcase the sheer talent and experiences of each of the icons.

Excerpt from the Co-Founders of IoDF, @LeanneElliottYoung & @Cattytay

It was so integral to us at IoDF to work with @calvinklein on this project for Pride, championing these icons and their defining moments. As a queer core team, IoDF acknowledge the authentic meaning of Pride, the importance of celebrating the community and giving marginalised voices a platform to share their journeys.

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion

Dafne Boggeri, Artist (she/her)
‘Coming out of my Comfort Zone’ in Milan (Via Gaetano de Castillia)

Multidisciplinary artist Dafne Boggeri is the curator of an independent publisher and member of the female and non-binary collective group Tomboys Don’t Cry. Her mural features a pattern formed by masks that represent stylised Greek mythological figures of Melpomene (muse of tragedy) and Thàlia (muse of comedy). The masks create a type of camouflage that forces those who want to grasp the entirety of the message to make an effort. The colour purple was specifically selected for its relations to the LGBTQ+ movements of the 1970s.

- Excerpt from the Screenshot article “Calvin Klein’s ‘Murals of Pride’ celebrates defining moments in the queer and trans journey”

When I came out of my comfort zone. The moment in which anything could happen. Taking the risk…

Excerpt from @tomboysdontcry

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Archival Activist (they/them)
‘There is Power in not Passing’ in Berlin (Warschauerstrasse)

Multimedia archival artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley seeks to create art that archives the black trans experience. Bright in its colour and energy, Brathwaite-Shirley’s mural celebrates togetherness, unity and pride. It captures the moment when they signed their chosen name into law.

- Excerpt from the Screenshot article “Calvin Klein’s ‘Murals of Pride’ celebrates defining moments in the queer and trans journey”

In the moment when we signed my chosen name into law with my family around me, for the first time I saw who was becoming—that there is power in being visibly trans.

Excerpt from @ladydangfua

It felt as though for the first time I saw who I was becoming. These figures are within metamorphosis and showcase the transition into our new selves visually.

Excerpt from @ladydangfua

Tanaka Fuego, Poet (he/they)
‘Ancestors Encore’ in London (2A Chance Street)

Writer and poet Tanaka Fuego is a multi-published, international spoken word performer. Fuego’s mural features a portion of the poem, named Ancestors Encore, he wrote as a message to his ancestors, giving a voice to the queer black and brown folk who came to the Western world and were forced into public service.

- Excerpt from the Screenshot article “Calvin Klein’s ‘Murals of Pride’ celebrates defining moments in the queer and trans journey”

Writing became my best friend…I was the only one who could define myself and my decisions, and that was the start of really learning what autonomy looked like.

Excerpt from @tanaka.fuego

Having the opportunity to have my words seen and read and felt by so many people who need them, just like I did and didn't even know, I cannot even put into words! It's a different feeling to be able to work with my family, and be able to truly centre my community throughout.

Excerpt from @tanaka.fuego

I’ve been a constant admirer of those who came before me, in all their blackness and queerness and [still] made a ruckus—in any and every way, even if that meant living [in] stealth, or living out loud. The courage will always and forever be palpable.

Excerpt from @tanaka.fuego

I get to write, feel, live. Even in moments when living seems hard. But all because of a pen and some paper (more time my notes app when on the go). That I’m able to release, and revel in life. Find another reason to smile. Get reminded how peace is sometimes an ink drop away. Especially when to be able to be here took so much from those before me. When I think of pride, I think of how well our ancestors did and how they may not have even been aware of their greatness. But they did it for us.

Excerpt from @tanaka.fuego

Videography: @elu.sade
Management: @helene.selam.prosperitee
Editor: @institute_digital_fashion : @coryjed
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Calvin Klein 2021