Digital Atelier

Project with: @institute_digital_fashion
Role: Digital Artist
Year: 2023

In a web3 world where identity property is increasingly blurring into intellectual property, we’re questioning the ethics of creating AI representations of real people, both known and unknown to us.

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion


To what extent are AI avatars deep fakes? Is it a question of consent, or how ‘far’ from reality the final avatar appears? Do we see them as extensions of ourselves or as ‘characters’? 

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion


Is it appropriate to sculpt, modify, contort faces and bodies that are not ‘ours’? What do you think about the future of AI and its impact on digital ownership of visual identities?

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion


As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to set an ethical standard regarding digital representation of physical bodies. We intend only to digitally sculpt, mold, and represent physical identities if we have direct permission from the individual.

Excerpt from @institute_digital_fashion


Digital Atelier 2023