The project started with a briefing that challenged to make a composition out of one unlikely material/object. I chose menstruation blood and to be able to work with it, I took the project to a microscope.

I was expecting to see something much more underwhelming and was mesmerized with the massive amount of textures and colors in just a small millimeter. I was a beautiful and intimate moment between myself and my body.

Photos were taken through the microscope lenses and were later used to create a poster and an informative zine about PMDD.

All the graphics in this project were made from the photos taken to the menstrual blood through the microscope lenses.

The final composition was made with the compilation of 124 photos.

The poster tries to simulate the act of looking through the microscope and discovering a new imperceptible world.

The abstract shapes in the zine were all made from blood paths and cracks.